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Unique opportunity for First-Time Home Buyers

BC Government offers a loan of up to $37,500 for the first-time home buyers towards their down payment. Furthermore, it is interest-free and payment-free for the first five years.

Vancouver home

Obviously, you would need to qualify for it, but the conditions are quite reasonable.

Click here for more details.

So, if you were thinking of buying your first home, here are your STEPS to SUCCESS:

1. Make sure that you qualify for this government loan

2. Get a tax refund through RRSP contributions (before the deadline in February)

3. Use RRSP funds for your partial down payment

4. Save on property transfer tax (check if you qualify)

Make all of these happen, and you can call yourself a Financial Guru in the making.

This is a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY for you to get started with your home purchase, if you haven't given up yet.


Talk to your tax guy or girl before the end on February.

Or let us know if you need any help. We are HERE

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